Your Private Space in Public Transportation

Welcome to the future of Bus Rapid Transit:

  The Chaser

The bus has been an indispensable provider of transportation in cities worldwide, and they have been built in all shapes and sizes and have become more and more important in modern times.

Today we bring the best of both public and private transportation for hire, together, so that Cities may provide the high-density bus services in demand by large populations and still enable the Traveler to enjoy a moment of peace in a private travel compartment.

The Chaser is also an open platform to provide much needed Emergency Medical and Fire Rescue support.  Reducing the cost of ownership for fleet services, investing in the Chaser platform municipalities will enjoy the flexibility and simplicity of maintenance the Chaser brings to modern transportation.

Multipurpose Modular Mobility

Private Compartments

Your Private Space in Public Transportation

    The one thing that is missing in public transportation is private space.  We are proud to present the first public transport platform with fully independent modular passenger compartments as well as modular power systems.

    Bigger more comfortable seating is made possible because we have deleted the aisleway from the equation.  By taking back that space and dedicating it to comfort and higher functions, The Chaser changes the paradigm of public transportation.

Municipal Services

Modular Compartments for EMT / Fire Resuce

    The Chaser gives the best value for investment in vital public services like EMT and Fire Rescue.  As seen in the above illustration, we demonstrate the use of purpose-built modules that will provide unrivaled serviceability for the mission of saving lives and property.

    With the Chaser, fleet management will be made simple using standard interchangeable parts to reduce long term cost of ownership and maximize infield reliability.

Optimal Value for Low Cost Secure Shipping to Anywhere in the World

The Chaser is the only semi-public Bus Rapid Transit vehicle designed to be mass-produced and to be easily shipped inside a standard 40' ISO Intermodal Shipping Container to greatly reduce cost of purchase and delivery to clients anywhere in the world.

By removing the aisle from the inside of a standard city bus, we have created a system that enables all riders to enjoy public transportation without the cramped and uncomfortable problems entering and exiting and finding a seat, and have replaced it with the bliss of private space and bigger seats!

Typical City Bus with an aisle can be wider than 8 feet.  By removing the aisle and hosting the truss frame structure in the center of the bus, we provide larger seating areas and reduce the overall width of the bus to only 7'6".

ADA Compliance

Up to 14 wheel chair accessable Compartments

The Americans with Disabilities Act has led the way for some of the most important standardization in public infrastructure including standards for ramps, railings, doorways, room sizes and much more to provide reliable access for wheelchairs as well as the provision of novel globally adopted communications and indicators for the visually and hearing impaired. 

The Chaser is committed to meet and exceed all standards and adopt new innovations to better enable access for all people.

Modular  Rapid Transit


The Chaser is the first of its kind modular bus rapid transit system offering modular and interchangeable power modules to easily repair / replace and upgrade.   The power module system enables a 'hot-swap' capability so that the people who depend on bus services to be on time, all the time, will never be left standing in the cold.  The Chaser can swap out a power module minutes.  The power modules provide electrons for the all-electric, all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering system that enables the Chaser to rise as high as 15 inches and lower down to curb level for easy access.

Transportation Systems

  • Public Transportation
  • Emergency Medical
  • Fire Rescue
  • Paletted / Boxed freight

Power Systems

  • Gasoline / Diesel Hybrid
  • Compressed Natural Gas
  • Lithium Ion
  • LH2

Chaser Modular Electric Drive Power Systems


Designed by Justin Eric Sutton

Justin Sutton is an industrial designer focused on transportation solutions.  While seeking ways to improve the public transportation systems of the world "The Chaser" was designed to maximize modularity for reduced maintenance costs and rapid refit/replacement of parts and power units while also maximizing the fit inside a standard ISO 40' Shipping Container tor increased shipping safety and reduced cost of shipping to international locations.